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Dan Lok Reveals The 3 Types of
Salon Employees You Can Hire
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Dan Lok Reveals The 3 Types of Salon Employees You Can Hire

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Salon Promoting Ideas that Cost Nothing

salon-promoting-ideasWhen salon owners strategize salon promoting ideas for their salon, beauty parlor, nail salon, or day spa, it’s natural that they focus on online salon marketing techniques because they are generally so cost-effective.  But what if I told you there is a simple offline strategy you can use that will keep your business front-of-mind with your customers without costing time, effort, or money. 

It’s something you look at every day:  sales receipts!

This article will show you how I help my own clients turn the simple …

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Emotional Hot Buttons for Better Beauty Salon Marketing – Part 2

beauty-salon-marketing-2In this post, I’d like to talk to you about how you can use the tried-and-true strategy employed by insurance companies to make your beauty salon marketing messages so powerful that they cannot be ignored.  

The “secret sauce” in this recipe is fear.

You probably don’t sit around thinking about worst-case health scenarios, but insurance companies do. They use those scenarios and the fear attached to them to shock you into buying a product that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.  Our fears, whether they are …

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Emotional Hot Buttons for Better Beauty Salon Marketing – Part 1

beauty-salon-marketingDoes your beauty salon marketing campaign appeal to your prospects hearts or to their minds? If your materials lead with a presentation of your product’s features and/or your own credentials, you’ve lost before you’ve even begun.  

Why?  Because…




7 Seat-Filling Benefits of Emotional Beauty Salon Marketing

Once you become attuned to the emotional component that’s used in beauty salon marketing and advertising, you’ll see it everywhere …

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Salon Marketing that Creates Lifetime Customers

salon-marketingEvery salon owner works hard to make a sale. And whether you own a beauty salon, a nail salon, a hair salon, or a day spa, there’s no sweeter sound than the ‘ka-ching’ that signals an initial purchase that brings you revenue.

But here’s something far too many salon owners overlook. There’s a difference between revenue from a one-time sale and long-term profitability. They don’t realizethat in salon marketing, the ‘ka-ching’ at the cash register is the beginning, not the end, of a process that leads to …

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4 Steps To Recession Proof Your Salon Business

I still remember the day that Judy called me.  I could hear and feel the anxiety and fear in your voice.

She was high strung on the phone and rattled facts, figures and stories in a hysteretic voice speaking faster and faster as each second passed. She wasn’t making any sense getting confused jumping from story to story.  Going back to her child, then cosmetology school or was it when she started her apprentice, then her first job, then when she was stylist and back to an apprentice. Then her dream and …

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